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Through near 5 years, PTRC has established a diverse set of honors to celebrate the achievements and leadership of individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the tropical cyclone Research field.
Hai Kun Zhao Received Prize Of Excellent PH.D. Masters Thesis And Doctoral Stude
Professor Li Guang Wu in the typhoon path, intensity, and structure and formation, typhoon forecast and typhoon disasters, climate change, and typhoon activities made substantial progress in the study, especially the discovery of large scale vortex (monsoon gyre) monsoon
PhD student Chao Wang received the JMSJ Award in 2012
Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change in the Western North Pacific: Downscaling from IPCC AR4 Experiments’ by PhD student Chao Wang, "National Excellent PhD Theses " candidate, and his Instructor Professor Liguang Wu received the JMSJ Award in 2012 from the Meteorological Society of Japan It is the fi
Prof. Bin Wang received Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal
Prof Bin Wang received the 2015 Carl Carl Gustav - Rossby medal of the American Meteorological Society on January 7, 2015, in recognition of his contribution to the tropical dynamics and monsoon forecast
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