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You can download our papers by clicking the PDF file. Please note that PTRC has transfered the orginal copyrights to the corresponding journals. If you have any question regarding these papers, please directly contact the corresponding authors.


  • Wu, L., and X. Chen, 2016: Revisiting the steering principal of tropical cyclone motion in a numerical experiment. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 14925-14936. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • Chen, X. and L. Wu, 2016: Topographic Influence on the Motion of Tropical Cyclones Landfalling on the Coast of China. Wea. Forecasting, 31, 1615–1623. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • Liang, J., L. Wu, G. Gu, and Q. Liu (2016), Rapid weakening of Typhoon Chan-Hom (2015) in a monsoon gyre, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 121, 9508–9520. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 曹剑,吴立广. 末次盛冰期冰架对全球季风活动影响的非对称性[J]. 气象科学,2016,04:425-435. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 张霏,吴立广,任福民,谢惠敏. 孟加拉湾和阿拉伯海热带气旋活动双峰型差异及可能成因[J]. 热带气象学报,2016,03:1-8. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 段晶晶,吴立广. 季风槽中热带气旋生成初期扰动的扰动动能收支分析[J]. 气象科学,2016,02:141-148. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 叶日新,吴立广. 1998—2009年间台风不活跃期间热带云团活动分析[J]. 气象科学,2016,03:291-300. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 田伟,吴立广,刘青元,周伟灿,赵军平. NOAA NESDIS多平台热带气旋风场资料在中国东海区域评估[J]. 热带气象学报,2016,01:63-72. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 梁梅,吴立广. 中国东部地区夏季极端高温的特征分析[J]. 气象科学,2015,06:701-709. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
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