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You can download our papers by clicking the PDF file. Please note that PTRC has transfered the orginal copyrights to the corresponding journals. If you have any question regarding these papers, please directly contact the corresponding authors.


  • 赵华睿,吴立广,梁湘三. MWT方法在分离台风环流中初步应用[J]. 气象科技进展,2015,06:31-36. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 杨琼琼,吴立广. 中国24h台风路径预报难点及其大尺度环流分析[J]. 气象科学,2015,04:389-397. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 邱文玉,吴立广. 季风低压对台风生成影响的观测分析[J]. 气象科学,2015,03:237-247. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 吴玉琴,吴立广,梁佳. 利用位涡趋势法诊断台风“莫拉克”(2009)的移动[J]. 气象学报,2015,02:236-246. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 曹翔,吴立广,曹剑. 全球50km分辨率SNU-AGCM模式模拟热带气旋活动[J]. 气象科学,2015,03:258-267. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • 赵海坤,吴立广. 西北太平洋热带气旋气候变化的若干研究进展[J]. 气象科学,2015,01:108-118. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • Wu, L., W. Tian, Q. Liu, J. Cao, and J. A. Knaff, 2015: Implications of the observed relationship between tropical cyclone size and intensity over the western North Pacific. J. Climate, 28, 9501-9506. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • Wu, L., and J. Duan, 2015: Extended simulation of tropical cyclone formation in the western North Pacific monsoon trough. J. Atmos. Sci., 72, 4469–4485. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
  • Li, Y., C. Tam, W. Huang, K. W. Cheung, and Z. Gao, 2015: Evaluating the impacts of cumulus, land surface and ocean surface schemes on summertime rainfall simulations over east-to-southeast Asia and the western north Pacific by RegCM4. Climate Dyn., 1-19. [PDF] . [DETAIL]
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