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Researches in PTRC focus on the mechanisms for tropical cyclone formation, motion,structure and intensity change on various time scales,the impacts of global climate change on tropical cyclone activity, and societal and economic imapcts associated with typhoon activity. Our members  are both of the scientists in PTRC and the faculty of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.

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Prof. Jinhua Yu
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Professor of Meteorology
Pacific Typhoon Research Center
School of Atmospheric Science
University of Information Science and Technology
Nanjing, 210044,China
Phone: (+86) 136-55168244
Email: haikunzhao@nuist.edu.cnzhk2004y@gmail.com




September 1980 – June 1984, Dept.of Meteorology ,Nanjing University, B.E.
September 1988 – June 1991, Dept.of Atmosphere ,Nanjing University, Master
September 2000 – June 2003, Dept.of Atmosphere, Nanjing Meteorological Institute, PhD.
Research Interests

Tropical cyclone and climate
Tropical cyclone dynamics
Regional climate variability
Climate extremes in a changing climate

Scientific and work Experience
08/2014 – 11/2014, a senior visiting scholar in Depart of Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC), University of Maryland.
11/2007 – 11/2008, a visiting scholar in International Pacific Research Center (IPRC) and Department of Meteorology, University of Hawaii
09/2004 – 08/ 2007, Post Doctor in Key Laboratory of Mesoscale Severe Weather/Ministry of Education, Nanjing University
07/1991– present, a teacher in School of Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University of Information Sciences and Technology
07/1984 – 08/1988, a forecaster in Huangshan meteorological bureau of Anhui Province.

Publications in refereed journals (since 2001)
Yu Jin-hua, Fu Hao, Tan Sheng and Shen Siwei, 2014: Dynamic diagnosis of secondary circulation features and effects of convective system on typhoon’s track based on potential vorticity inversion: a case study of Bilis (2006), J. Meteor. Res.,28(2):252-267.
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