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Implications of the Observed Relationship between Tropical Cyclone Size and Intensity over the Western North Pacific
Authors:Liguang Wu, Wei Tian, Qingyuan Liu, Jian Cao, and John A. Knaff   Read:
Tropical cyclone (TC) size, usually measured with the radius of gale force wind (34 kt or 17 m s-1), is an important parameter for estimating TC risks such as wind damage, rainfall distribution and storm surge. Previous studies have reported that there is a very weak relationship between TC size and TC intensity. A close examination presented here using satellite-based wind analyses suggests that the relationship between TC size and intensity is non-linear. TC size generally increases with increasing TC maximum sustained wind before a maximum of 2.50° latitude at the intensity of 103 knot or 53.0 m s-1 and then slowly decreases as the TC intensity further increases. The observed relationship between TC size and intensity is compared to the relationships produced by an 11-year seasonal numerical simulation of TC activity. The numerical simulations were neither able to produce the observed maximum sustained winds nor the observed non-linear relationship between TC size and intensity. This finding suggests that TC size cannot reasonably be simulated with 9 km horizontal resolution and increased resolution is needed to study TC size variations using numerical simulations.

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Citation : Wu, L., W. Tian, Q. Liu, J. Cao, and J. A. Knaff, 2015: Implications of the observed relationship between tropical cyclone size and intensity over the western North Pacific. J. Climate, 28, 9501-9506.
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