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Typhoon Symposium and HWRF Model Tutorial Held in NUIST
launch date:2015-12-21 22:37:42   Authors:   Read:
Prof. Weican Zhou, the vice president of NUIST, and Dr. Vijay Tallapragada, Chief Scientist, Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch, NOAA, gave their speeches in the opening ceremony, which was chaired by Prof. Liguang Wu. Specialists from China, U.S., and Australia took part in the symposium, introducing latest tropical cyclone research results of mechanisms governing structure and intensity change, satellite data assimilation in forecasting, climate, observations, and numerical model development.
The Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast system (HWRF) tutorial was for the first time held in mainland China. Experts from the HWRF development team and the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) systematically introduced the physical modules, dynamic frameworks, ocean-atmosphere coupling, initialization, data assimilation, and post-processing of HWRF.

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