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International Workshop on Rapid Change Phenomena in Tropical Cyclones
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Prof. Da-Lin Zhang, Prof. Yuqing Wang, Prof. Liguang Wu, Prof. Yongqing Wang and two graduate students participated in the workshop. Prof. Wu Liguang and Prof.r Wang Yongqing gave talks entitled "Tropical Cyclone Track Changes over Western North Pacific: A Composite Sudden Study Meandering" and "Typhoon Tracks in the Western North Pacific during 2001-2009", respectively.
The workshop was a high-level Atmospheric Science Forum with five topics on tropical cyclone track change, tropical cyclone structure and intensity change, landfalling typhoon precipitation, Typhoon Forecasting Techniques and typhoon disaster. More than 100 scientist from the United States, Australia, India, Philippines, Thailand and China attended the meeting. Among them included Prof. Tetsuo Nakazawa, Prof. Russell L. Elsberry, Dr. Robert Rogers, Prof. Lianshou Chen, and Prof. C.-C.  Wu.



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